Growing business requirements for cloud services, digital transformation, IT security and big-data crunching will keep demand for tech experts high in the next years. The number of information technology and computer jobs is rising faster than the average for any other profession, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The universal need for IT skills is making it challenging for several companies to find sufficient staff with modern capabilities, another research found. Recent surveys by Robert Half Technology, an IT professional staffing firm, found a majority of businesses think they lack in several critical technology skills.


The future is developing very, very fast. So much so that every prediction appears to be falling.


However, there are a few sectors which are looking challenging: data science, Big data, IOT, data analytics, AI, automation, mobile apps, providing every service on mobile, robotics, microchip, virtual reality, medicines delivered at home through apps.

Few of the jobs that will be in most demand in the 2020’s will be

• Computer programmers, software developers, information security analysts, Software Testing analysts
• Data Analysts – With the technology disruptions, data analysts will be in massive demand across all industries.
• Specialized (Technology) Sales consultants – With the growth in the technological area there will be a disruption in all sectors, and so there will be a growing need for specialized salespeople who can explain clients about new trends (technology they have never used before and why will it be useful to them)
• IT Architects and IoT
• Product Designers
• HR and skill development resources will still be needed to reskill current employees or hire new skill workers as trends evolve.
• Artists, short scriptwriters, YouTubers, short filmmakers, social media strategist, digital specialists will continue to grow. As people’s time is now more on mobile, any businesses that can generate business through mobile will grow.
• Senior Management level jobs in the area of new technology, who can lead and manage projects on new advancements.

Any of the industries that require creativity. The real growth industry will be Creative Problem Solving. Creativity is the big buzzword at the moment, and people practicing it seems to have forgotten that creativity was how we got here. It took someone creative to say “Hey, why don’t we have the Internet?” or “Hey, why don’t we have electricity?” or “Hey, why don’t we have steam power?”


The real issue will be to be creative but not too much. If you’re too creative, you leave people behind, and if they can’t see it, they will not invest in it. All they’ll do is think that you’re crazy. So you must come up with a creative new idea that is not too dissimilar to the old idea that everyone understands. That requires more creativity than coming up with a whole new solution.

With enhanced automation, Machines can now perform jobs based on menial tasks. With all the menial tasks operated by robots, there will be more of a demand for people who can utilize creative thinking to come up with useful and novel solutions. It is a skill that is impossible to outsource to machines or automation.

And don’t just think of creativity as only for the Arts. To try to come up with innovation in any field needs tremendous creativity. Critical thinking and creativity applied to various sectors such as business, economics, science (think Einstein), etc.

Did we mention that the salary can be quite good too?

We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!