Coding Bytes- Campus Leader (Ambassador) Program

A program that emphasizes your Leadership skills and sharpens your talent towards innovation and taking up exclusive ownership of being a part of the Coding Bytes family.

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Every Leader Influence Others

Campus Leader is a National Program concentrated on building an arranged circle of leaders.

We are looking for people who can contribute to a larger picture of getting awesome developers together and helping those who want to learn to program.

The students work directly with us as a part of the team and get a direct hang of the startup culture at Coding Bytes.


➡ You can be our face in your Campus/college
➡ You just need the passion to reveal yourself to management and leadership skills.
➡ Do you think you have a hidden leader inside you?

Process To Follow

1. Online Registration
2. Application Shortlisting
3. Telephonic/Skype Interview
4. Good To Go

Pepper Animation Campus Ambassdor Star Program
Process to follow in PA Campus Star
Career Benefits from PA Campus Star

Career benefits for you

➡ A program that brings out your Leadership skills along with exposure to Marketing skills and sharpens your talent towards innovation and taking up ownership for an organization. We are a group of young professionals, creating a platform for students providing a leadership opportunity.
➡ Personalized Linkedin recommendation.
➡ Opportunity to join us.
➡ Start-Up Exposure.
➡ Guidance from our mentors.
➡ Community Management.
➡ Bloggers, we’ll be super happy to feature you on our blog.

Career Benefits from PA Campus Star

What You will get.

➡ Exciting Prizes
➡ A chance to win awesome rewards
➡ We have a lot of giveaways along with experience to motivate you in your ambassador journey with Coding Bytes.
➡ You can win one Plus, Dell laptop, and many more exciting gadgets or merchandise.

Perks you will receive from PA Campus Star
What you will do in PA Campus Star

What you do?

➡ Promote Coding Bytes courses(online and offline) in your college and get students to sign up & subscribe (including YouTube).
➡ Conducts workshops and webinars online and offline.
➡ Helping the team to promote events, courses, offers & latest Updates via social Media
➡ Engage with Students of other colleges and make a chain of Campus Ambassadors(STARs)
➡ Publicise Coding Bytes by displaying posters on notice board, sharing E-posters by whatsapp, instagram, fb, telegram etc
➡ Associate Coding Bytes with various college societies and fest department
➡ Organize counselling sessions and meet-ups in college canteen/campus with Mentors & Alumni
➡ Any other marketing initiative will be rewarded as well

What you will do in PA Campus Star

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Utilize your free time with Work from home Internship with Coding Bytes and be a part of our Campus Leader Program.

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