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AWS (Solutions Architect Associate) 

Course Highlights

  • Introduction of Cloud Computing
  • Setting up a Virtual Data Centre
  • Security & IP Addresses in AWS
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Block Storage
  • AWS Object Storage
  • Virtual Machine Type in AWS
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Route 53 Functions & Working
  • AWS Database Service
  • CND, Devops & AWS Exam
  • AWS versus Other Cloud Providers

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Course Details

1) Introduction of Cloud Computing

  • What is Amazon AWS, AWS Pre Requisites, and Strategy of Success?
  • AWS Certification Tracks.
  • What is Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Models?
  • Types of Clouds. (Private, Public, Hybrid)
  • Understanding AWS Global infrastructure.
  • Regions, Availability Zones.
  • AWS Edge Locations, Edge Cache.
  • How to select a best Region.
  • Sign-Up for AWS Services.
  • A visit to AWS Control Panel.
  • AWS Services and Terminologies.
  • AWS Free Tier, Launch Your first EC2 instance. Windows OS
  • AWS Free Tier, Launch Your first EC2 instance. Linux OS.
  • About AWS Free Tier Resources after Sign up for 12-Months.

2) Setting up a Virtual Data Centre

  • Discussion for how to build data centre in AWS.
  • Virtual Private Cloud (Concept in-depth)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (Use Cases)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (EC2-Classic, EC2-VPC)
  • Nat-gateway and internet gateway.
  • Public subnet & private subnet.
  • Route table & manage the routing table.

3) Security & IP Addresses in AWS

  • Security Group Basics.
  • Default Security Group for Your VPC.
  • Security Group Rules.
    Differences between security groups for EC2-Classic & EC2-VPC
  • Working with Security Groups.
  • Access Control List (ACL’s) in VPC.
  • Working with ACL.
  • Elastic Network Interface ENI & types of IP Addresses in AWS
4) Virtual Private Network
  • AWS Bastion Host.
  • VPC Endpoint for S3, S3 Private Access.
  • Working with VPC Peering.
  • AWS Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).
  • Site to Site VPN- (Connect VPC with on-Premise Network over VPN
5) Block Storage
  • AWS Cloud Storage Services. Understanding EBS
  • EBS Working with Windows OS.
  • EBS Working with Linux OS.
  • Understanding EFS (Elastic File System).
  • EFS configuration with Linux EC2 instance.
  • EBS Volume Types.
  • Ephemeral Storage, EBS Backed vs. Instance Store Backed EC2 instance (Temporary Storage).
6) AWS Object Storage
  • Understanding Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Managing, Configuring S3 Bucket, Accessing S3 Service.
  • Hosting and accessing a Static Web Site on S3.
  • Web Site Redirection Using S3 Bucket.
  • S3 Bucket, Object Versioning.
  • S3 Events, Storage Class, Objects Life Cycle.
  • AWS Glacier Storage Service.
  • Archive Data.
  • AWS S3 to Glacier Transition, Retrieve Data from Glacier to S3 and Glacier Vault.
  • Reduce Redundancy Storage Class.
  • TAG S3 bucket. Requester Pay. Transfer Acceleration.
  • Cross Region Replication. S3 Pricing factors.
7) Virtual Machine Type in AWS
  • EC2 instance Families and Types.
  • Calculating EC2 instance Pricing.
  • Pricing Models.
  • On Demand , Reserved, Spot instance.
  • EC2 Tenancy Models, Shared instance, Dedicated Instance, Dedicated Host.
  • Change EC2 instance Type.
  • (Upgrade/Downgrade)- Resize EC2 EBS Backed Instance EC2 EBS Volume Backup, Snapshot.
  • EBS snapshots (incremental) working. Snapshot deletion.
  • Working with EBS Snapshot (LAB). EC2 instance Full Backup.
8) Identity and Access Management
  • IAM Role.
  • How to configure AWS CLI windows OS & Linux OS.
  • Manage all AWS service by CLI Configuration.
9) Load Balancing
  • Elastic Load Balancing. (ELB).
  • Configuring Elastic Load balancer.
  • Route Traffic to a particular Target Group Using Application ELB.
  • SSL Certificate use with ELB.
  • Connection Draining.
  • Sticky Sessions.
  • How to manage ELB Logs.
10) Route 53 Functions & Working
  • Route 53 Weighted Routing Policy.
  • Route 53 Latency Routing Policy (LBR).
  • Route 53 Failover Routing Policy.
  • Route 53 Geolocation Routing Policy.
  • Route 53 CNAME vs. Alias Record.
11) AWS Database Service
  • RDS DB Instance, DB Security, DB instance Class.
  • DB Instance Storage.
  • Dynamodb, Redshift and Elastic Cache
  • Provisioning an RDS Instance.
  • Mariadb and connect over internet.
  • RDS Multi AZ deployment, Read Replicas, Backup & Restore.
  • DB Instance Modification.
  • AWS SMTP Service Email Relay- Simple Email Service (SES).
  • Email Services- AWS Work Mail. (Host custom domain mailing services on AWS)
12) CND, Devops & AWS Exam
  • Cloud Front distribution.
  • Elastic Beanstalk.
  • AWS Lambda Function.
  • How to prepare interview question.
  • How to Prepare for an Exam/Certification
13) AWS versus Other Cloud Providers
  • Design live scenario project based on AWS 2019.
  • Microsoft Azure vs. GCP Google Cloud vs. IBM Cloud.
  • What is role of programming language in cloud, like Python

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