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Red Hat Course Duration: 4 months

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Here are the highlights of the best Red Hat course in Rohini:

1) Red Hat System Administration 

  • Managing Local Linux groups as well as individual Users
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Access Control Lists
  • Linux File System
  • Linux Networking
  • SSH Service
  • Azure Roles
  • DNS for Servers 
  • Regular Expressions
  • IPv6 Networking
  • Red Hat Training Course – A Detailed Overview
  • Red Hat System Administration – Module I
  • Accessing the Command Line
  • Seeking assistance in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Managing Files From the respective Command Line
  • Creating, editing and Viewing Text Files
  • Managing Local Linux groups and individual Users 
  • Monitoring as well as managing Linux Process
  • Controlling the Access to individual Files with Linux File System 
  • Obtaining Control Access Permissions
  • Controlling Services as well as Daemons
  • Securely Configuring Open SSH Service
  • Maintaining the security of open SSH Service
  • Managing the networking of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
  • Analysing and storing Logs
  • Copying and Archiving Files Between distinct Systems
  • Accessing Linux File System
  • Installing as well as Updating Software Packages
  • Using Virtualized Systems
  • A comprehensive review of the entire module 

2) Red Hat System Administration 

  • Automating Installation by using Kickstart
  • Using Regular Expressions with the help of grep
  • Managing the Priority of Linux Process
  • Creating, Editing and Viewing Text Files with the help of Vim
  • Scheduling the Future tasks of Linux 
  • Controlling Access to the files with ACLs (Access Control Lists)
  • Maintaining Selinux Security
  • Adding Disks, file systems and Partitions to a Linux System
  • Connecting to any specific network-defined User and Group
  • Managing the LVM (Logical Volume Management) Storage
  • Controlling Network Storage with NFS (Network File System)
  • Accessing Network Storage with SMB
  • Controlling as well as Troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
  • Managing the Boot Process
  • Limiting a Network Communication with the help of Firewall
  • Comprehensive Review of the entire module of System Administration II

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