Web design. An interesting and exciting career for a creative problem-solver like you. Turning images and texts into beautiful sites that businesses are proud to show off and users like to visit.

Just the idea of starting up in web design can be terrifying. Should you learn to code? What do you need to know? How about managing clients? What tools do you need to have?

The job of a web designer is a combination of two skills: creativity and technical insight.

For creativity, ask yourself: can I design (digital or with pen and paper) anything that looks professional? Like a brochure, or a book cover? If not, can you do it after reading up a bit? What do people around you think of your work? If they think it’s not up to par, you might want to reconsider your career.


For technical skills, it’s easy enough to find out if you possess the right material. Find an online tutorial on HTML. W3schools has many good tutorials for example. Now if you can create a simple webpage and view it from your browser in a couple of hours, you might have what it takes.

We are just assuming you didn’t know any HTML before. If you did, do the same for a technique that you’re not familiar with, like JavaScript or CSS. The clue is, can you learn and do you have enough insight to understand what you read and how to use it?


Most people who have pursued a career in web designing are those who have good interests in design, creatives, media, etc. If you have a flare for any of the topics listed above, then we believe you have what it takes to be a web designer indeed. You can begin as a designer first before proceeding to become a developer.

Make a Print

Your work might be in the digital field; elements of the design will no doubt be a requirement for printed applications. From business cards to fliers to press propaganda, you should be able to convert and create details in such a way that are also print-ready.

Code with HTML and CSS

Being a developer or not, each and everyone needs to know the most basic of languages behind website design. You have to understand how to troubleshoot, read, and edit basic HTML. And concerning your actual job, there is a need to learn a lot more than that.

Edit Photos

In every design field, it’s more likely that you will engage with images all day long. So it does make sense that you realize how to manage them. From essential sizing to cropping and a little “clean up,” you should have the ability to work with photos with ease. At least, you should feel comfortable with sizing and cropping as well as for image quality adjustment.

There’s a discrepancy between a web developer and a designer. A designer might be able to design a basic website using basic coding like HTML and CSS or tools like Dreamweaver, WordPress, etc. But web developers are advanced web designers who can build sophisticated websites and web apps using severe coding like PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, etc.

Do not worry! You can get a head start in a digital career faster than you can imagine. Just begin with these foundational abilities, and for sure you’ll soon be on your way to a fantastic job on the web.

We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!