Flutter Certification Course

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  • Duration: 3 months
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Flutter Certification Course

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Flutter
  • Installation and Setup
  • Dart Programming Basics
  • Flutter Fundamentals
  • Advanced Flutter Widgets
  • Navigation and Routing
  • State Management in Flutter
  • Animations and Effects
  • Advanced Topics
  • Deployment
  • Project Work

Flutter Certification Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Flutter
  • Understanding Flutter and its Features
  • Comparison with Other Cross-Platform Frameworks
  • Overview of Flutter Architecture
Module 2: Installation and Setup
  • Installing Flutter on Windows
  • Setting up Flutter on macOS
  • Configuring Android Studio and XCode
  • Installing VS Code for Flutter Development
Module 3: Dart Programming Basics
  • Introduction to Dart Programming Language
  • Writing Your First Dart Program
  • Understanding Data Types and Variables in Dart
  • Working with Functions and Control Structures in Dart
Module 4: Flutter Fundamentals
  • Exploring Flutter Project Structure
  • Introduction to Widgets in Flutter
  • Understanding Stateful and Stateless Widgets
  • Handling User Inputs with TextFields
  • Building Layouts with Rows, Columns, and Containers
Module 5: Advanced Flutter Widgets
  • Working with Buttons and Gestures
  • Implementing ListViews and GridViews
  • Utilizing ScrollViews for Navigation
  • Styling Text and Adding Fonts
  • Incorporating Icons and Images
Module 6: Navigation and Routing
  • Navigating Between Screens in Flutter
  • Creating Splash Screens
  • Passing Data Between Screens
  • Implementing Routing with Named Routes
Module 7: State Management in Flutter
  • Understanding State Management Concepts
  • Working with Stateful Widgets
  • Implementing Provider for State Management
Module 8: Animations and Effects
  • Introduction to Animation in Flutter
  • Implementing Basic Animations with Tween Animation
  • Creating Complex Animations with AnimatedBuilder
  • Adding Hero Animations for Screen Transitions
  • Exploring Ripple and Opacity Effects
Module 9: Advanced Topics
  • Working with Shared Preferences for Data Storage
  • Implementing Range Sliders and Custom Widgets
  • Building Calculator App
  • Integrating Gradient Backgrounds and ClipRRect Widgets
  • Handling User Authentication with Shared Preferences
Module 10: Deployment
  • Testing Flutter Apps on Emulators and Real Devices
  • Deploying Apps on Android and iOS Platforms
  • Deploying Web Apps with Flutter
  • Packaging and Publishing Flutter Apps
Module 11: Project Work
  • Developing a Flutter Project from Scratch
  • Applying Concepts Learned Throughout the Course
  • Implementing Custom Features and Enhancements
  • Presenting and Showcasing Projects to Peers

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