Robustness is the capacity of a computer system to handle the errors during execution and manage the incorrect input of data. Java is robust because it utilizes strong memory management. There is an absence of pointers that bypasses security dilemmas. There is automatic garbage collection in Java which runs on the Java Virtual Machine to eliminate objects which are not being accepted by a Java application anymore. There are type-checking mechanisms and exception-handling in Java. All these features make Java robust.

Here are a few additional points why Java is considered robust:

The JVM. The managed runtime provided by the JVM allows Java programs to be portable. Build once run almost everywhere there is a JVM, is excellent. It also provides a safe environment. The JVM offers dynamic linking. Meaning that it is not necessary to recompile the whole application to change dependencies.

The static typing of Java allows the creation of compelling IDE tools and code generators. It may be looked down to quickly and often, but there are good things about it too. If code generation is appropriately used it may reduce errors and a powerful IDE can enhance productivity significantly. I think this point has been critical to Java popularity nowadays.

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Java is very backward compatible. It is an excellent thing when you want to mix and match dependencies when updating a design. Usually updating a project is very easy. Sometimes dependencies can get tricky, but this hardly ever happens. Compare this to Ruby where gems versioning hell breaks loose as a rule every time you want to update a project’s dependencies.


Here are some advantages of the JAVA application:

Uses OOPS Concept

Applications that are developed using the OOPS concept of JAVA are more competent as they are flexible, extensible, and scalable. It has a superb library of default design patterns and different best practices. Open sources like Spring and such use the concepts of Object Oriented Programming making it all the more adaptable for application developments on Java.

Learning JAVA is Easy

Though the statement is subject to raise several disputes, this continues to be a fact; Even if a person has no programming background and has never learned first programming languages like C++, learning the concepts of JAVA wouldn’t be a problem.

JAVA community and Support

JAVA’s community support has been bliss to all programmers. Bundles of forums to post queries, Stack Overflows, and other user groups always have extended support and help on all topics.

Platform Independent

Ever since the time JAVA has grown in popularity, that is from the 1990s, its Platform Independent nature has made it an essential technology. This feature has made it complement the tagline “Write Once Run Anywhere” in a real sense as it has opened doors to countless new developments.

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The design of Java is perfect for creating highly reliable application software. Java provides extensive compile-time checking. The language features guide programmers towards positive programming habits. The memory management model is straightforward: New operators create objects. There is no explicit programmer defined pointer data types, no pointer arithmetic, and the garbage collection is automated.

Because of Java’s robustness, security features, cross-platform capabilities and security ease of use, it has become a language of choice for producing global Internet solutions.

We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!