How Secure is Java Compared to Other Languages?

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Being around for 22 years and actively running on more than three billion devices worldwide, JAVA is usually considered the most famous programming language ever. With such maturity and real-world applications of all sort, Java became almost the de-facto standard of programming.

There is continuous development of new languages at faster paces on the Java platform even if the popularity of Java and standard API cools down and those more often than not come with their APIs baked on top of, or in place of, the Standard API.

Every business is adopting new technologies in its products as well as in its services. So, it is helpful to learn new tech as well, or if you are already familiar with Java then upgrade yourself to keep up with the industry.

Java language

What does a Java developer mainly do?

On average, they would be doing one or a combination of the following tasks that are components of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

Gather requirements

You will be conversing with lots of clients or managers who have a vision of what is needed accomplished and with a project manager who will be following your progress. There may be discussions on task completions and what are the best courses of action (COA). There are many things to consider such as whether there are things proposed by the client but cannot be completed given the time constraint or go with an alternative plan.



Given the specifications, you will begin writing code. This task is where your education on computer science concepts come into play. You are transforming that vision into reality.


Once your feature is complete, you must test to see if it works as envisioned by your client. There are specific bugs that the developer doesn’t notice the first time, and then when this is over, a developer should go back to correct them.

java development


Deploying code to production in a live environment may be difficult because if something screws up, you need to return to what you did to see what went wrong.

A broad variety of computing platforms employs Java today, ranging from mobile phones and embedded devices, up to supercomputers and cloud computing servers. Whether it is Client-side or Server-side, Java technology is one of the most extensively utilized software platforms for the development of applications.


Entry-level Java Programmers can receive Rs. 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh per year. Those with experience and Java certifications can make up to Rs. 12 Lakh per annum.

Career Outlook

Most of the best software firms such as CTS, TCS, Infosys, etc. are using JAVA as the programming language for developing enterprise applications, software applications, and online apps. Those with long experience in the field usually land high-paying IT jobs.

Possible Roles

  • Software Developer
  • EJB Programmer
  • Web Programmer
  • Application Developer
  • Web developer

Those equipped with appropriate certifications can immediately climb to top posts in IT, such as Senior Programmers, Project Managers, etc. Java is also a field that guarantees attractive perks and salary. There is a lot of demand for Software Professionals with experience in Java. After attaining a Sun Java Certification, you will be in a position to take up Software Developer and Java/J2EE Developer positions. A career in Java is therefore very lucrative and rewarding.

java certification

Sun Java Certifications

Acquiring Sun Java Certification exams is the best way to demonstrate your skill in Java programming. The following is a list of recommended Sun Java Certifications:

  • Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA)
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)
  • Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (SCDJWS)
  • Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD)
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)
  • Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD)
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)

The success of a Java developer depends on a lot of things such as knowledge on the core concepts like OOPs with Java, much-used keywords like abstract, static, final, etc., exception handling, collections framework and a touch of multithreading.

You may enhance your Java programming skills by getting Java Training in a well-reputed institute which offers you greater knowledge. Coding Bytes provides you with the best training and will assist you to shine in your career.

We hope this helps and do not forget that there are no shortcuts to success, so practice your Java programming as much as you possibly can to excel.

All the best! Happy learning!

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