There is a saying that goes “Anything in life worth doing are normally hard.” Or things like “work smarter, not harder.” These conflicting pieces of advice all apply to learn Java.

And here’s why:

• Learning anything, overall, is difficult. Java is a mature language, so there is much to learn. It is tough for anyone to start off with their first language, Java is no different.

• It carries with features that have evolved from other various languages. Meaning it has the advantage of having most of its rough edges already smoothed out.

• It is relatively robust, not quite in the same fashion as Fortran or C because there are numerous low-level libraries written in them, but we place it on roughly the same level. We can employ a Java programmer and be relatively sure that they can pick up C++ in only a few months. JavaScript is not one of these languages unless it’s combined with a run-time that is carefully written to enable things that lower level API’s can do.

• Statically typed languages have been around for a very long time. Others like Perl, Bash script, Tcl, etc. all come and go. They are all committed to “scripting-like” roles ultimately unless paired with advanced analysis and run-times (written with statically typed languages). Mastering these fundamentals will pay off in time.

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Java is a straightforward language. Learn it by doing it. Make more and more applications for learning, and you would feel great. You would think that you have created something. It would be more natural then.


Java has three modules. There is Core Java (Java language J2SE) and web designing using Java which is J2EE (include JSP, EJB, Servlet) which you should be familiar with if you are a CS major but if not then you can learn simply Core Java (there is one more module J2ME for mobile apps but not in use now so don’t need to learn that). There is no problem if you don’t know J2EE in spite of being a CS major you can learn other backend web development techniques such as PHP or Microsoft’s ASP.NET.

J2EE or web designing includes backend technology – the technology used to make the login, registration form, communicating with a database, redirecting pages which are merely parts of coding which do not affect your view of a website but does the work at the backend.

The technologies in J2EE are JSP, Struts, EJB, Servlet. The same front end technologies are used such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.

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The Java Programming Language has been around for a while, and it’s more likely to be around for the next coming years. Keep in mind – it may change in form, styles, frameworks used to write code, etc. but it will remain to exist. Java will compete with other Programming Languages as well, and new Programming Languages will proceed to evolve. The best approach in such a scenario should be simple: to future-proof yourself.

Java is not easy or hard. It’s a language where the application of logic is essential. Many beginners encounter problems in Java concepts, but once you start programming and playing with its GUI features, you will love it. Java is a strong language which runs fast and supports almost all platforms like Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. You must install JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

So there you have it, Java is not exceptionally complicated to learn, it’s utterly a relatively simple language. A right aptitude and a proper approach should make it easy and fun.

All the best and happy learning!