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CRM Project for Interns – Full stack with Cloud Deployment

WEEKS 1-19: Development Phase with Agile

User Authentication
4 Weeks

Basic Authentication Setup

  • Design the login and registration forms.
  • Implement secure password storage and hashing.
  • Set up session management for logged-in users.

Testing and Initial Cloud Setup following change management process

  • TAB/CAB call for change presentation and approval
  • Initial testing of authentication features.
  • Setup basic cloud infrastructure for testing deployments (on AWS).
Lead Management Core Functions
6 weeks

Adding and Managing Leads

  • Develop interfaces for adding, updating, and deleting leads.
  • Implement backend logic to handle CRUD operations securely.
  • Ensure data validation and error handling are robust.

Enhanced Testing and Intermediate Cloud Deployment

  • TAB/CAB call for change presentation and approval
  • Deploy updates to the cloud and conduct further testing.
Advanced Lead Management
4 weeks

Follow-Ups and Enhancements

  • Add functionality to record follow-up activities.
  • Implement advanced search and filtering capabilities.
  • Enhance the UI for better user experience.

Final Feature Testing and Preparation for Full Cloud Deployment

  • TAB/CAB call for change presentation and approval
  • Complete testing of all functionalities.
  • Prepare the application for full deployment.
3 weeks

Implementation of Reporting Tools

  • Design and implement a reporting dashboard.
  • Develop functionalities for generating, exporting, and viewing various reports.

Final Testing and Deployment

  • Conduct thorough testing of all features.
  • Prepare documentation and user manuals.
  • Final deployment to the cloud environment.

WEEKS 20-23: Cloud Deployment and Optimization

Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Initial Deployment
  • Design the login and registration forms.
  • Implement secure password storage and hashing.
  • Set up session management for logged-in users.
CI/CD Pipeline Integration
  • Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or GitLab CI.
  • Automate the deployment process, including integration tests, build steps, and deployment to staging environments.
  • Teach students how to manage and monitor deployments using version control systems and integrated development environments.
Performance Tuning and Security Enhancements
  • Conduct performance tuning to optimize the application for better speed and efficiency.
  • Implement security best practices in the cloud, such as managing access controls, securing APIs, and encrypting sensitive data.
  • Setup monitoring and alerting using tools like Amazon CloudWatch, Google Operations (formerly Stackdriver), or Azure Monitor.
Final Testing, Documentation, and Project Presentation
  • Perform final testing, including load testing and security testing to ensure that the application can handle real-world usage scenarios.
  • Prepare comprehensive documentation detailing the deployment process, architecture decisions, and how to use the CRM system.
  • Organize a demo day where students present their deployed applications to peers, instructors, and possibly industry professionals. Gather feedback and discuss the learning outcomes.

WEEK 24: Career Development and Professional Readiness

Resume Building
  • Conduct workshops on how to create impactful resumes.
  • Provide one-on-one sessions to tailor resumes to highlight relevant skills and experiences from the internship.
  • Teach the importance of action verbs, quantifiable achievements, and a clean layout.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Offer guidelines and best practices for crafting a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Review and provide feedback on each intern’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Discuss strategies for network building and engaging with content on LinkedIn.
Interview Preparation
  • Organize mock interviews with feedback sessions to improve response strategies and demeanor.
  • Teach behavioral interview techniques and how to structure responses using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
  • Provide tips on how to research companies and the importance of asking insightful questions during interviews.
Professional Etiquette and Networking
  • Discuss professional etiquette, including communication, attire, and email correspondence.
  • Teach effective networking strategies and how to maintain professional relationships.
  • Invite industry professionals for a networking session to provide real-world insights and potential job opportunities.
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Built for working professionals

Here’s what a typical week would look like:


4-hour Live Classes in the morning


2-hour session in the evening to discuss assignments and problem solutions

Once a week

1-hour technical coaching session to discuss any additional doubts

Best suited for

Software Engineers/Developers and Data Science/Engineering professionals who want to move into Full Stack Developer roles specializing in Node.js.
Anyone with a basic or no understanding of Full Stack Development who is looking to master the domain (STEM background required).
Recent college graduates or final-year undergraduates who aspire to become Full Stack Developers.

Why choose this course?

Online & Offline Classes

We offer classes in both online and offline modes, with batches available on both weekends and weekdays.

Individualized teaching and 1:1 help

Offering technical guidance, homework help, solution analysis, and one-on-one sessions.

Specialist Trainers

Our institute boasts a team of experienced and specialized trainers dedicated to delivering high-quality education.

Interview prep modules

Dedicated interview preparation programs centered on getting you 100% ready for your interviews.

Placement Assistance

Unlock new career opportunities with our Placement Assistance program. Apply for latest coding jobs featured on our website.

Career skills development

Resume development, LinkedIn profile improvement, personal brand enhancement, and live behavioral training sessions.
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Access up to 15 mock interviews with real                       hiring managers

Hiring managers from Tier-1 companies like Google & Apple

Interview with the best. We provide the ultimate preparation!

Domain-specific interviews

Get ready for your specific area of focus - Full stack

Detailed personalized feedback

Identify and address your areas for improvement effectively.

Transparent, non-anonymous interviews

Immerse yourself in the most realistic interview experience available.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Tech Career with Our Comprehensive Internship Program

Join our unique internship program designed to offer practical, real-world full-stack development experience alongside essential career readiness training. Over 24 weeks, interns will:

Develop a complete CRM System

Spend 18 weeks building and deploying a CRM system using Agile methodologies, working with cutting-edge technologies in cloud computing and full-stack development.

Master Cloud Deployment and Optimization

Learn the intricacies of cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, performance tuning, and security over 4 weeks, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills demanded in today’s tech landscapes.

Real-World Experience

Work on live projects that provide hands-on experience, applying classroom knowledge in a professional setting.

Comprehensive Skill Development

Cover a range of skills from basic user authentication to advanced cloud deployment, ensuring a holistic view of software development.

Industry-Standard Tools and Practices

Use popular tools like Jira, GitHub, AWS CloudFormation, and Jenkins, which are critical in modern software development environments.

Agile Methodology

Learn and apply Agile practices, preparing for team-based work environments and the iterative nature of modern project management.

Certification and Recognition

Receive a certificate from a US company, validating your experience and making you more attractive to future employers.

Boost Your Employability

Engage in an exclusive career development week focused on transforming your professional presentation and job-seeking skills