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If you’re new to Python, our beginner-friendly resources will guide you through the basics. You’ll quickly grasp the fundamentals and start writing your first Python code.

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Why Python?

Rapid Development

Python accelerates your development process. With a rich library of pre-built modules and frameworks, you can create robust applications faster & with less effort.


Python plays well with others. It seamlessly integrates with various technologies and platforms, from web development to data science, machine learning, and beyond.


Python’s elegant and readable syntax makes it the perfect choice for those new to coding and seasoned developers alike. Say goodbye to complex, convoluted code.

Here’s how your all 4 months will look

First Month


  • Introduction to Python.
  • Python Data Types.
  • Python Program Flow Control.
  • Functions,Modules & Packages.
  • String, Lists & Dictionary Manipluations.
  • File Operations.
  • Object Oriented Programming.
  • Regular Expressions.

Second Month


  • Python Exception Handling.
  • Python Database Interaction.
  • Contacting user through Email in Python.
  • Programming using Multithreading.
  • SQL databases connection using Python.
  • Python Multithreading.
  • Building Blocks.

Third Month


  • Introduction to Matplotlib
  • Overview of Data Visualization
  • Getting Started with Matplotlib
  • Installation and Setup, Basic Plotting
  • Essential Plot Types
  • Line Plots, Bar Plots, Scatter Plots
  • Advanced Plotting Techniques
  • Histograms, Pie Charts, Stem Plots
  • Specialized Plot Types

Fourth Month

Data Science

  • Python Pandas .
  • Environment setup.
  • Introduction to Data Structures with Python.
  • Python Pandas series and DataFrame.
  • Python Pandas Options and Customization.
  • NumPy Environment
  • NumPy DataTypes, indexing, sorting
  • NumPy Arithmatic Operations.

Special attention is given to Assignments and projects. Problem solving sessions are  conducted regularly with detailed analysis.

Advanced Python with Data Science

☑ Learn Python from Scratch
☑ Matplotlib
☑ Data Science

Learn from Industry Experts | Flexible Schedules | Weekdays/Weekends Batches Highly Rated Course | Job placement assistance

Why Coding Bytes?

Skilled Faculty

Our mission is to help each and every student succeed, may come what from our skilled faculty.


We do provide Paid internship to our students to get them job ready for the real world with hands on experience.


Assignments and industry projects are included in the course to help students gain deep knowledge.


Our placement cell will help & assist all the students to get their dream job in domestic & International MNCs.

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Beeru Prasad
Beeru Prasad
It is Best Institute in Rohini for all Coding Languages like Python, Java, Full stack. Fee is affordable 👍
Arpita Sharma
Arpita Sharma
Best Python institute in Delhi👍🏻
Shaurya Singh
Shaurya Singh
An excellent Institute to learn C, C++. My mentor was Mr. Aditya Jaiswal Sir and he has been a really good mentor throughout my course. I have had a really good learning experience here.
Mohammed Rihan
Mohammed Rihan
Best institute to learn python programming.
English project 2k23
English project 2k23
Well structured course for MERN Stack. I Recommend CodingBytes
Shefali goyal
Shefali goyal
the course structure of linux was amazing. Hats of to CodingBytes.
they offering data science and machine learning courses in affordable prices.
Lakshay Goyal
Lakshay Goyal
Good infrastructure and qualified faculty in coding bytes.
Ujjwal Jaiswal
Ujjwal Jaiswal